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Who we are

Founded in 2001 by families living in one of Alaska’s most remote regions, Aleutia is an unique non-profit organization founded on the principals of sustainability, community and quality.


 By sharing Aleutia salmon with seafood lovers around the country, our families introduce the world to this special place we call home, support our local communities, constantly raise the bar on seafood quality and actively work toward keeping salmon stocks healthy.


Every year we donate a portion of the seafood harvest to local schools.


Local harvesters work closely with fisheries managers and often self-manage beyond state requirements to minimize bycatch and overfishing. By standing down, or staying on the beach when there is a threat of running into non-targeted species, locals put the environment before personal profit.


Aleutia profits roll back in community enhancement projects in the remote villages it serves. Aleutia is a sustainable seafood, harvested in an environmentally friendly fishery. Aleutia is always free of antibiotics, colorants and other additives. 

Quality Standards

Fishermen have long known that the ocean is the best place to go for sockeye salmon that is fresh-tasting, firm and rich.


That’s why, despite unforgiving winds and treacherous waters, Aleutia families have made their homes in remote communities alongside Alaska’s North Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea. By harvesting in these waters, sockeye haven’t begun to deteriorate in fresh water rivers and streams. The result is a very distinctive sockeye  harvested at its peak, with a unique, clean flavor.


When Aleutia was formed in 2001, local families were determined to take this natural ocean-fresh advantage a step further. They implemented the highest industry standards and required every Aleutia harvester to live up to those standards.


Today, every Aleutia sockeye is hand selected, iced immediately on deck and processed according to the strictest criteria. In all, every Aleutia sockeye is inspected at least three times from fishing boat until it reaches its ultimate destination.


The end result is a beautiful, bright, surprisingly fresh tasting sockeye with an extended shelf life.


Get to know

Our Fishermen

Our Team

Kyle joined the Aleutia team in April 2018. He is originally from Sand Point, AK where most of our seafood is caught. With his previous seafood experience combined with an excellent education he is a great addition to the Aleutia Team!


Kyle Foster, Executive Director