Alaska seafood harvesters elected to Aleutia salmon board

Alaska seafood harvesters Warren Wilson of King Cove and Wayne Gundersen of Sand Point were both re-elected to their positions on the Aleutia Board of Directors at the annual preseason membership meeting May 31.


The board also appointed long-time Alaska seafood harvester Rick Weber to a vacant False Pass seat.


Wilson, an Alaska  fisherman from King Cove who owns a drift permit, has held his current seat on the Board almost since the program’s inception. He ran unopposed.

Gundersen was elected over two others for an at-large position on the Board. He was first elected to the Board three years ago. A lifelong Alaska fisherman and veteran at marketing his own Alaska seafood catch, Gunderson was instrumental in introducing Aleutia to key buyers when the program was formed in 2001. He is also a well-recognized regional chef specializing in Alaska seafood.


The third seat, representing False Pass, was vacant after Board member Jolene Hoblet moved out of the region. The Board appointed Alaska fisherman Rick Weber, a setnetter, to take her place last week. Weber has a long history with the program and was one of a handful of seafood harvesters that helped found Aleutia in 2001.


The Aleutia Board of Directors

Aleutia is overseen by a seven-person Board of Directors. Members must be Alaska seafood harvesters or actively involved in the Alaska seafood industry. Most members have spent their lives harvesting Alaska seafood around the remote Eastern Aleutians Islands and Western Alaska Peninsula. They are tasked with insuring that Aleutia maintains the highest standards in Alaska seafood quality and all funds go to local communities.

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