Attention seafood lovers: Aleutia has introduced a smoked salmon

Like the active volcanoes dotting Alaska’s Eastern Aleutian Islands and Western Peninsula, Aleutia sockeye is now officially smoking!


Working in partnership with a Pacific Northwest fish smoker, Aleutia has rolled out its first-ever smoked salmon product. The salmon is slow-smoked in a special brown sugar glaze to bring out Aleutia’s ocean-fresh sockeye flavor. It’s packaged in four-ounce vacuum sealed portions to insure long-lasting freshness.


The flavor of ocean-run sockeye and sweet smoked glaze are a perfect combination, according to discriminating testers.


“Out here we know our smoked salmon,” said Audrey Foster of Sand Point. “It’s got a firm texture and great flavor. This is very good stuff.”
Aleutia smoked salmon will be a perfect take-along for the great outdoors or any summer celebration.


As an introduction, it will sell by the package online. Aleutia also hopes to make the smoked product available through retailers in upcoming weeks.


Please visit our online store to order today. Browse our recipes if you would like to enjoy Aleutia smoked salmon at your table.


Aleutia is a 501C(3) non-profit organization founded in 2001 by fishing families living along Alaska’s remote Eastern Aleutian Islands and Western Peninsula. Aleutia was created to tell the story of this unknown region, families living here and share the best of the traditional ocean harvest. Aleutia profits are rolled back into the communities.