Aleutia introduces high-tech equipment to maintain its best seafood standards

In another step toward guaranteeing that every wild sockeye harvested by local families retains its just-caught flavor, Aleutia is taking its high quality standards high-tech this year.


New, precise on-deck temperature monitoring systems will insure every Aleutia sockeye is continuously chilled at just-the-right temperature from the time it leaves the water through delivery at the dock and into the processing room. Strict temperature controls are central to maximizing flavor and extending shelf life.


“Aleutia has always led the industry in high quality standards and the meticulous controls,” said Aleutia President Duane Kapp. “That’s one of the main reasons many consider Aleutia the world’s best salmon. With this new level of control you can be even more sure when you select an Aleutia sockeye it always tastes like it was just caught at sea.”


Under the new system, sophisticated digital temperature monitors will be mounted in Aleutia fish totes, the on-deck seafood holding units used on many small fishing boats.


The on-deck totes are filled with a hand-mixed, iced seawater solution. This new temperature monitoring system takes the guesswork out of creating and maintaining that important mix. The monitors will continuously read tote temperatures minute-by-minute from catch to delivery.  Now harvesters can check temperatures throughout the day to insure the chill is exactly right so they can add ice or water as needed.


“As the day wears on, the ice melts and the tote temperature can change,” said Aleutia Production Manager Bill Cumberlidge. “This new system guarantees the proper temperature. It’s going to be a boon.”


After delivery at the dock, inspectors will download the temperature data from the monitors into a computer program. Aleutia can then analyze the data to provide feedback and advice to harvesters, as needed.


“We take quality controls like this very, very seriously,” said Kapp. “This is just another way our families show that they really care about the seafood they provide.”


Funding for the totes and temperature monitoring systems was made possible by the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation (AFDF). AFDF played an important role in helping families create Aleutia in 2001. AFDF was founded to support all facets of the commercial fishing industry in Alaska.


Aleutia is a 501C(3) non-profit organization founded in 2001 by fishing families living along Alaska’s remote Eastern Aleutian Islands and Western Peninsula. Aleutia was created to share the best of the traditional ocean harvest, tell the story of this unknown region and the families living here. Aleutia profits are rolled back into local communities.