Tina Anderson, husband Raymond Nutt and their son Christian

Our Story

Founded in 2001 by families living in one of Alaska’s most remote regions, Aleutia was born out of a distinctive Alaskan wild salmon run that has been part of Aleut Native tradition for generations.


The Aleutia sockeye salmon run is uniquely located where the Bering Sea and North Pacific Ocean collide. The fishery stretches across more than 8,000 square miles of icy, cold water around the Eastern Aleutian islands, Shumagin Islands and Western Peninsula–an area virtually untouched by man.


In these remote waters salmon feed on a rich mix of nutrients swept up by the strong ocean current. Harvested at sea before it begins to deteriorate in freshwater rivers and streams, Aleutia has an “open seas” distinction. Its  is vibrant red with a uniquely firm and rich, full-bodied flavor.


Aleut families from the remote Aleut villages of King Cove, Nelson Lagoon, False Pass and Sand Point take a special pride in bringing you the highest quality salmon possible. They hand-select every Aleutia salmon and ice each immediately so it retains its just-harvested flavor. Once at the dock an inspector examines every Aleutia salmon to insure each fish meets the most exacting standards.


In return for their hard work, harvesters receive a fair wage and the pride of knowing others appreciate this remarkable salmon as much as they do.


Aleutia profits roll back in community enhancement projects in the remote villages it serves. Aleutia is a sustainable seafood, harvested in an environmentally friendly fishery. Aleutia is always free of antibiotics, colorants and other additives. You can purchase Aleutia salmon in our seafood marketplace for delivery to your door.