Aleutia President Duane Kapp

Our Fishermen

When ocean-run sockeye salmon begin migrating past Alaska’s Eastern Aleutian Islands and Western Alaska Peninsula each summer, local families head out to the North Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea to fish.


This is a small core of between 20 and 30 boats. The boats, primarily equipped with setnet gear, are also small—best for this slow, methodical high-quality fishery. All are family operations helping to growing the Aleutia brand and help solidify it as the highest quality sockeye available.


Meet our harvesters:

Danny Cumberlidge with son Evan Aleutia President Danny Cumberlidge and son Evan visit outside Sand Point’s Harbor Cafe. Father and son both fish.



Aleutia Board Member Duane Kapp


Board member and former President Duane Kapp overlooks the fishing grounds from his spot on a pile of nets. He fishes from his boat the Kapture.

Bob Barnett Bob Barnett takes a break in fishing. His boat is the Northender.
Jon Bruneau Jon Bruneau stops for a minute while preparing for the upcoming salmon season. Jon fishes for salmon from the Pretender, a boat he runs each summer. Like many Aleutia fishermen he spends most of the year on the water. He often fishes for cod and crab after the salmon season closes.
Carol Foster Carol Foster sits in front of a painting of the family’s fishing boat. Carol is a founding member of Aleutia and played an instrumental role in organizing local families and promoting the brand.
Jack Foster and family Jack Foster, Jr. stretches nets with his son Jack lll and daughter Sharayah. Like many young local men, Jack III is beginning to run the Shereena, the family boat. Younger daughter Sharayah (pictured) is now going to medical school. She returns to the community to fish with the family each summer.
John Foster Jr. and son John Foster, Jr. and his son Kyle look up from their boat the Turning Point. In addition to fishing, John is a member of the Board of Directors of the Unga Tribe, one of the local tribal organizations.
John Galvin John Galvin stops at the harbor for a photo as he makes his way back from his boat the Rita B. He has contributed to Aleutia for many years and is always one of the highest producers.
Martin Gunderson Martin Gundersen and his wife Julie visit over lunch. Martin fishes for Aleutia with his boat Savy. He is active in the community.
Taylor Lundgren and Timmy Taylor Lungren and son Timmy stop at the dock. Taylor arrived in Sand Point as a crew member on a local boat. The community quickly became his home. He most recently fished on the Courtney Noral.
Raymond Nutt Raymond Nutt stops to talk before heading to the fishing grounds. Like most harvesters, Raymond literally grew up on a fishing boat. Raymond, along with his wife Tina and son Christian, is featured in many Aleutia promotional materials. He fishes from the Vicki Rae.
Dale Pederson Dale Pedersen takes a look from his boat the Tachyon. Dale is extremely quality conscious and is known for making every effort to guarantee that Aleutia sockeye is the best salmon available. Outside the salmon season, Dale participates in a number of different fisheries.
Brian Russell Brian Russell leans against his truck near the harbor. Brian fishes from the Megan Nicole. Brian is the President of the Alaska Peninsula Setnetters Association, a group that advocates for small boats fishermen.
Drew Sparling Drew Sparlin stops for the camera in front of his house. Drew is a longtime Aleutia harvester, a surfer, skier and hockey coach. He works hard to deliver the highest quality sockeye.