Our Quality Standards

Fishermen have long known that the ocean is the best place to go for sockeye salmon that is fresh-tasting, firm and rich.


That’s why, despite unforgiving winds and treacherous waters, Aleutia families have made their homes in remote communities alongside Alaska’s North Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea. By harvesting in these waters, sockeye haven’t begun to deteriorate in fresh water rivers and streams. The result is a very distinctive sockeye  harvested at its peak, with a unique, clean flavor.


When Aleutia was formed in 2001, local families were determined to take this natural ocean-fresh advantage a step further. They implemented the highest industry standards and required every Aleutia harvester to live up to those standards.


Today, every Aleutia sockeye is hand selected, iced immediately on deck and processed according to the strictest criteria. In all, every Aleutia sockeye is inspected at least three times from fishing boat until it reaches its ultimate destination.


The end result is a beautiful, bright, surprisingly fresh tasting sockeye with an extended shelf life.


Learn about our most recent efforts to bring you Aleutia sockeye that is as fresh-tasting as nature intended through temperature monitoring with our partner the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation here.