Aleutia: a choice I feel good about, says M. Ericks of Kent

“Sustainable fish, harvested carefully by families who are committed to their communities and the environment. Not only is Aleutia sockeye delicious, I feel good about ordering this wild salmon. Thanks!”

Amanda E. of New York received her order in record time!

Just wanted to report that the fish arrived in perfect condition. It looks beautiful. I’m having it for dinner tonight. Can’t wait! Thanks for everything.

Cindy G. of Anchorage loves Aleutia

“As a lifelong Alaskan I pride myself on knowing salmon. When I tried Aleutia I was hooked immediately. I’ve heard that the secret to its flavor is that Aleutia is harvested at sea. I think that’s true. Aleutia has a clean flavor that is always fresh-tasting. I am a huge fan. After many years of eating Aleutia, it’s become hard for me to accept anything else.”


Shape Magazine’s Sarah Austin says:


I learned… I can’t claim to love fish unless I also respect them, in part by supporting people (like Aleutia harvester families) who feel the same…