Ready, set go! Wild Aleutia sockeye harvest opens

SAND POINT, Ak (June 4, 2017)–Local harvesters are mending their nets and getting their vessels in the water to prepare for the first wild Aleutia 2017 sockeye salmon season opening just days away. Boats with set gillnet harvest gear will start fishing June 7 at 6 a.m. Boats with purse seine harvest gear will head out on June 10 at 6 a.m. Both gear groups will fish for 88 hours around the Shumagin Islands.


The Aleutia sockeye fishery is strictly managed by the State of Alaska for maximum sustainability. There are four scheduled 88 hour openings and 32 closures through the month of June.


This is a traditional fishery. For hundreds of years families living around the Eastern Aleutian Islands have braved dramatic weather in small boats on the Pacific Ocean to harvest Aleutia sockeye. Today, using the traditional harvest knowledge passed down through generations, Aleutia has gained a following for its remarkable just-caught flavor and beautiful, bright appearance. Every Aleutia sockeye is caught at sea by net fishermen.  Every salmon is individually handled, meticulously dressed and then iced immediately to lock in the flavor and appearance it has become known for.


Aleutia sockeye is available at select grocers and online retailers.


The fleet is made up of local families living on the Popof Island community of Sand Point in Alaska’s Eastern Aleutian Islands. Aleutia is a community-based organization managed by local families to support fishing opportunities around the Eastern Aleutian Islands and Western Peninsula.